Step in Setting Online Passport Appointments in the Philippines

  1. Set your appointment on the official website of DFA Online Passport Appointment or
  2. passport application

  3.  Click on the schedule an appointment button at upper left of the site (see image below)
    schedules an appointment

  4.  Check the box on the terms and conditions and hit start individual appointment.
    individual appointment of passport

  5. Filled out the necessary information where you will set an appointment
    appointment loacation
  6. Choose your preferred schedule appointment (Date and Time)
    appointment date
  7.  Filled out your personal information (Red asterisks(*) are strictly required).
    personal information appointment
  8. Complete your family information.
    family information appointment
  9. Select what type of application you want. (New application or Renewal)
    appointment type of application
  10. Filled out the contact information which include your (complete address, office address and contact number)
    contact information appointment
  11.  Review all information that you input on the online data appointment system. Now if you already check all information you can proceed and submit the form. But make sure you check the CAPTCHA text box and confirmation agreement. Next hit the confirm button.
    submit for appointment
  12. After it, visit your email for the confirmatory message of the passport online application system. The system will send you a link where in you will print it. This document is necessary upon your appearance on the date of your appointment. Use long bond paper on the said document.

  13. *Reminders:  You must confirm this within 24hours to make it valid*

  14. On the day of your application appointment schedule, go to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office. Ask the guard or any office staff where to claim your passport. Submit your online application form to the staff in the counter.

  15. Requirements for getting a Philippine passport

    Below are the necessary documents which you may have before your appointment date. Have a Xerox copy on it’s of the requirement below so you will not waste your time looking for a photo copy machine shop. Also bring the original in validating the requirement

    • Confirmed appointment (Online Appointment receipt) 
    • NSO Birth Certificate 
    • Valid ID 
    • Personal appearance (For photo capturing, signature and data validation)

  16. Get your queuing number and wait for the number to be called by the personnel staff. Prepare your fee. Below are the DFA fees.

  17. Philippines Passport Fee?
    New application fee :
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)
    Renewal application fee:
    • Regular Processing  P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing  P1,200.00 - (7 working days)  
    Lost expired passport (Replacement fee):
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)
    Lost valid passport (Replacement Fee):
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)

    For lost of valid MRRP/MRP or lost of valid e-passport there is an additional fee of P200.00 and P350.00 respectively.

    Reminder: Appointments beyond from 5:00PM onwards will be classify as rush processing.

  18. Proceed to the photo image capturing section; Remove all you accessories such as contact lense, earrings, necklaces, etc.

  19. Lastly, claiming of your passport. The staff will tell you when to claim your passport. Claimant date also appeared on the receipt. Take care of the receipt since this will be your proof in getting your passport. If you are busy and cant able to go upon the date of releasing, you can also tell the officer to deliver your passport in your house or office. However, there is an additional fee.
This is the simple step in getting your passport via online appointment. Setting up appointment is necessary upon going to the DFA office. Without this online appointment, you will not be entertained. Please share this article if you think it helps. Share is caring so other may know.

32 Core CPU's : The next big thing for computers?

When it comes to computers, speed is a huge factor. It goes for any work, whether it is making a simple Excel sheet, doing some Photoshop or playing some video games. Whatever it may be, the speed in which you can do these things matters a lot, and that is something which is decided by the processor quality.

32 Core CPU's
In General

In modern times, a single core processor is as good as a snail. Hell, even the dual core processors which were such a huge fad in the early 2000's are pretty much dead right now. If you are a gamer, then this is even more true for you.

Ever since the release of quad-core processors, it has become more and more commonplace in offices, workshops, cafes and so on. But it hasn't stopped there. Octa-core processors are also a huge deal in today's times and are mostly used by those who need a lot of power and speed for their work.

32 Core CPU's

The two biggest companies in the processor market, Intel and AMD are both in the race of packing more cores into a processor than ever before. This is to significantly improve the multitasking capability of the computer and provide even greater speeds for the user. 

This obviously suggests two main things:
  • Massive increase in processing power.
  • A significant decrease in the size of the chips.

Intel is known for sticking to its plan from start to finish. While they haven't released any precise dates for releasing 32 core processors or even 16 core ones for that matter, there is no doubt regarding the fact it will be out sometime in the recent future.

The Need

Now you may be thinking why anyone will have the need for such a powerful device on their computer. With the release of extremely high-end GPU's like the Nvidia GTX 1080, there needs to be a processor that can match that level of graphical power. 

After all, you would not want to bottleneck your PC performance in any way right? People who deal with work that requires the processing of high graphics will find it significantly easier to do their work using such hardware. And that alone is reason enough to look forward to this in the future.


Virtual Reality and its application in the field of gaming

When it comes to gaming, we have come a long way regarding technological advancements. Back in the day, video games were as simple as connecting two dots, that too with a pixelated graphics format. 

Now, almost every kid in the block has access to a beast of a gaming PC capable of running even the most demanding of games at ease. In recent times, one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the gaming world comes in the form of Virtual Reality or VR as it is called in short. 

What Is It?

It is a form of technology which is capable of stimulating your brain into interacting with a made up environment which is completely virtual. You perceive your surroundings to be something which is not real and can interact with it the way you choose. 

The means of interaction is usually something like a keyboard and mouse, a game pad or even a special type of glove. Accessories for such communication include specialized headsets, helmets, suits and other different types of gear. 

The Potential

Potentially, this is something that can be well and truly the definitive form of entertainment. While it is still early in concept, numerous instances of this technology have been released in the market. Perhaps the most well-renowned one is the 'Oculus Rift'.

Released only in 2016, it has already seen some promising games made for it. Some of the best include:

· Chronos
· Bullet Train
· Windlands
· Elite: Dangerous
· The Climb
· Edge of Nowhere

Not only this, there are tonnes of already released games being tested for use in VR platforms too. So as you can see, the potential is enormous.


As mentioned before, this is still a work in progress and something that has only recently been in work. Hardware issues are still a thing which is pretty evident from the level of graphics that have been displayed in VR games.

A lot of work is still to be done, and people are focused on doing it in a manner which is efficient. In time, we will see the true potential of this technology and what it can provide.


Manila, Provinces Minimum Wages will be equal, Duterte Said

President Rodrigo Duterte urged Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Sivestre Bello III to thoroughly review the balancing of the minimum wages in Metro Manila and Provinces in the entire country.

One of the reasons why Manila is crowded and overpopulated because people migrate to manila to aspire a high salary compared to their respective provinces. Bello said to DZMM Teleradyo upon his interview.

Government and other agency concern is considering this proposed. Yet, Government created a Bill in congress which expected to pass by this end of October 2016, Bello said.

Upon passage of the said bill the national wages board per region will be irrelevant. Now, many of our citizens are waiting for the result of this proposed salary standardization.


Explain the limitations of ratio analysis | MYACCOUNTINGINFO.NET

Ratio analysis is a very important technique used in both small and big companies. It provides businessmen the information required to analyze their company’s growth in the industry. Financial ratio analysis is all about comparisons. However, there are few limitations in using ratio analysis.

Incorrect Standard

Ratio analysis benchmarks to the standards set by leaders and not the industry. This might seem different from all that is thought. However, think about the topic. Are you concerned about the performance of your company or the market? Or, do you aim for average results? Everyone wants high performance. But, ratio analysis stresses on average rations and not the best performers.

Heavy Inflation

It is quite interesting to note that most balance sheets are distorted by heavy inflation. The balance sheets are filled with historical data. When you look back at the balance sheets, you will see only past details. These figures will be completely different from the real ones. When you compare information from balance sheets and make your ratios, everything will be distorted.

Mere Numbers

Ratio analysis is all about numbers and not the root cause. There are several ways to calculate ratios. If you don’t find the actual reason behind the numbers, you are doing a useless and meaningless job. And, there is no meaning in playing this useless game with ratios and old industry data. Ratio analysis differs from one industry. You need to compare with all the divisions in mind. This is when ratio analysis represents something important.

Ratio analysis is based on hard-core facts. This means firms can manipulate it to suit their needs. Also, the statement doesn’t represent seasonal fluctuations. Most firms use ratio analysis as a window for amending their financial values and interpretations. So, if firms need better values in their annual report – they can work on the ratio analysis report.

Limited Views

Moving on, ratio analysis gives a very small and limited view of the company. It doesn’t describe the business and its performance completely. There are so many other factors to judge the overall growth and performance of a company. This includes staff relationship, monopoly positions and morale. 


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