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People wish to effectively plan as well as manage their career today.  This is why many finance professionals are faced with a crucial questionregarding deciding between a CPA and MBA in accounting degree. Both are good and the right choice will depend on your personal choice as well as the career goal that you have. An MBA is a good choice if you wish to get into a consulting function or a managerial role in a financial services firm. It is also well suited for other career options such as being a securities analyst or even an investment banker or for becoming a venture capitalist.

A CPA is a good option for those who wish to get into auditing and review financial statements. This will help them to become a financial controller, CFO, or even a financial analyst. It will be helpful if you want to open your own accounting firm. You can also find employment at big accounting firms if you possess a CPA degree. Other careers which require a CPA degree include corporate accounting and management accounting. You can also land a job in governmental auditing as well as internal auditing with a CPA. This means that you will have options in both public as well as private sectors of the economy.

But the advent of global marketplace means that you need skills which are above and beyond your finance qualifications. These can include economics and marketing besides others. These may not be a part of a CPA designation, but can be there in an MBA program.

MBA provides training in theory as well as the practical aspects of business management. With an MBA you would achieve a general competency in the various functional management roles that are found today in the corporate world. This is because MBA candidates learn finance in addition to many other areas such as: economics, marketing, along with organizational behavior as well as quantitative analysis. This way it is able to broaden your horizons and you learn beyond finance. It will widen your understanding of business too.


IRS will Accept Your Credit Card, but is it the Best Way!

If you are wondering about “does IRS accept credit card in paying the tax”, then the answer is yes. IRS tax payment credit card can be a good option if you are on your last day and still scrambling.

IRS tax payment credit card
A few important notes on this regard

The Taxpayer Relief Act (1997) doesn’t allow the IRS to pay transaction fees on credit cards. This is why the IRS tries a third party collaboration system that includes WorldPay US, Link2Gov and Official Payments. All the taxpayers are eligible to pay their taxes through MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Convenience Fee ranges from 1.87 to 2.25 percent on the payments made through credit card. The system of the credit card to make tax payment makes it hazard free for the taxpayers, but the charges made by third parties are quite high and its hurt the balance.

If someone was considering paying tax through credit card and hoping for a reward by that, must have noticed that it is not possible. The biggest reason of this impossibility is the charge made by the third party assigned to take tax payment. The reward would be quite less than the amount of charge made by third party and thus, it’s not a beneficial option.

Another important factor one must understand that the paying through credit card also ropes in the factor of interest. If you were paying a high amount then it would make a bad impact on the Credit Ratio / Utilization Ratio. This would go on to lower your score and this will also impact on the interest rates by making it higher. The whole process of paying tax through credit card do have some hazards regarded it.

Opting for the best option

The best option according to specialists is to save money from the start of the year so that at the end moment you don’t have to panic. Still, if such situation occurs, one can look for other options too. A personal loan with lesser interest can be a good option compared to IRS tax payment credit card. Thus, it is vital that taxpayers think before paying their tax through credit card. 


Tips in Passing the Civil Service Examination in an easy way

Do you want to work for the Philippines government agencies and hold a high status in the society? In order to fulfill this dream, you need to have the Civil Service Commission Professional eligibility in Philippines. Once you pass this exam, you are open with so many varieties of government job options.

Before you apply for the test, you need to know that there are professional and sub-professional level examinations and you can appear for both or either of them. Computer Assisted Test (CAT) and the Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) are available and you can select the one that you are comfortable in.

Take a note of the tips on passing the examination

If you had appeared for the CSC eligibility examinations before but didn’t succeed in it, you must consider the tips in passing civil service exam in Philippines. When you lay out a plan accordingly and schedule it properly, passing the exam won’t be a challenging and difficult task at all.
The very first thing that you need to do is apply for the exam early so that you don’t have to face the rush of the deadline. This gives you the opportunity to review and relax. Furthermore, you can buy a reviewer or even download it for free in the internet and get the detailed information about the examination and instructions that you need to follow.

Don’t stress out and have confidence

You must believe in yourself and not panic in the examination room. There are several topics that will be covered in the exam and you need to use your logic and common sense. You have knowledge on majority of the topics but if you stress out you are going to mess up everything and lose the opportunity to become eligible for the high ranked government posts.

You can also get tips in passing civil service exam from other candidates or your seniors as well. Eighty is the passing marks and you should be confident enough about yourself before you take your examination. This is not a rocket science but a simple test to find your skills and additional credentials that you posses to become eligible for such a prestigious examination.
Keep the tips in passing civil service exam in mind and do well!


Scope of Civil Service Examination 2016 | MYACCOUNTINGINFO.NET

The Civil Service Exam for the Professional and Sub-professional levels is conducted twice a year in Philippines to evaluate the competiveness and readiness of the aspirants. This eligibility test is open for all Filipino citizens of 18 years or above regardless of their educational qualifications. The candidates have to make sure that they had not appeared for the same within the last three months of the examination. 

What are the subjects included in the examination?

The scope of civil service examination Philippines is pretty much wide for the individuals. The professional CSC exam is a three-hour test covering 170 topics. At the professional level, this general ability test covers subjects like correct grammar usage, vocabulary, analogy, reading comprehension, numerical and logical reasoning, paragraph organization etc. 

On the other hand, the Sub-professional level examination is for two and half hours and pretty much covers similar subjects but with the inclusion of spelling and clerical operations and excludes the logic and analogy parts. While planning to take the Professional or the Sub-professional examination, you need to have the knowledge about the subjects covered, passing rates and the scope of civil service examination Philippines
Scope of Civil Service Examination

As an examinee or an aspirant, you have to ensure that you are reviewing on the general information details like the Constitution of Philippines, Peace and Human Rights Acts, The Code of Conduct and the Ethical Standards for the Public Officials and also some information on the environment or ecology management.

Having the awareness of the examination and preparing in a planned manner are the two vital aspects that can give you success in the eligibility test of Civil Service Exam. You simply need to review on your already known subjects and opt for practice tests one month prior to the final examination as this will give you the confidence to do well.

Go for the online reviewer

You can easily find the exam reviewers in the bookstores and get hold of atleast one that covers almost all the subjects and topics. In case you are short of money, you can also go for the online reviewer that can be downloaded for free. The reviewer includes the detailed scope of civil service examination Philippines


Key answer for Civil Service 2016 Reviewer | MYACCOUNTINGINFO.NET

Are you looking for the civil service 2016 reviewer in the internet? The good news is that it is available for free. All your queries and questions regarding to civil service exam reviewer online in Philippines will no longer remain a mystery for you. There are few free online sources that can provide you with the latest information in details about the Civil Service Examination in Philippines.

The online reviewer will guide you completely

The civil service 2016 reviewer online will provide you with the guidance, explanations and certain tips on the subjects and topics that cover the examination. You get the information of what to expect while you are on the room assignment. The online reviewer also offers the test results and some helpful posts like hiring in government sectors of the CSE or the Career Service Exam.
civil service 2016 reviewer

Working in the government sector offers a wide range of benefits like high scale salaries, several privileges, high bonus, paid leaves and so on. Just your skills and scholastic certificates won’t suffice. You need to qualify for the Civil Service Professional eligibility test which is conducted by the CSC or the Civil Service Commission. This eligibility test is conducted twice a year in the different areas of Philippines.

Prepare your exam depending on the topics and subjects that are covered

It is the civil service 2016 reviewer that can help you to get a knowledge and understanding about the entire examination process. Furthermore, you also become aware of the different topics and subjects that the examination covers along with the rules and regulations that you need to abide by. Therefore, you can prepare yourself and equip with the necessary information and knowledge and pass theexam and thereby qualify for your dream government job.

With the civil service 2016 reviewer, you can analyze several categories. Some of them include:

•    English vocabulary questions
•    Analogy and logic test
•    English grammar and correct usage test
•    Civil Service Exam Scope and passing rate
•    Philippine constitution, general information and current issues
•    Numerical reasoning
•    Paragraph organization test
•    The government offices to apply once you qualify.


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