Wednesday, October 12, 2016

See How a University Student accidentally discovers the life of a battery up to 400 years.

nano battery

It is well known that laptop batteries are something which runs out of charge after a certain period of time. Thus, they need to go through periodic recharge cycles in order to be usable again.In time, they give in to wear and tear and need to be replaced.

However, according to a recent discovery made at the University of California, something knows as Irvine or UCl is capable of making it through 200,000 recharge cycles in roughly 3 months. If that is to be believed, then the average lifetime of the laptop can be extended to 400 years.

The student who discovered this goes by the name of Mya Le Thai. She was only playing around with things in the lab when she was able to figure all this out. It is amazing just how a little bit of experimentation and fun can lead to important scientific discoveries.

It has been years since researchers have started looking for a suitable alternative for the Lithiumbattery. There was a team at UCl who were working with Nano-wires for this purpose. However, they soon discovered that these wires were far too thin and would eventually break due to the high number of charge cycles it went through.

It was only by accident that Mya here had set up the same set of golden Nano-wires in a mixture of manganese dioxide and an electrolyte gel that resembled Plexiglas. The doctoral student even admitted to doing all this just by whim, without any particular reason. One thing led to another, and within no time, she had solved one of the biggest scientific puzzles of recent times.

But even until today, researchers have not been able to perfectly describe the phenomenon which causes this design to yield the results that are on display. They had just started to cycle the devices with no particular motivation and had soon realized that it would not die anytime soon. Whatever it is, however, it is definitely a great advancement as far as our progress in technology is concerned.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

10 ways for stopping the corruption in the Philippines

stop corruption philippines

Stopping corruption in any place on a large scale is next to impossible. However, for how long can we expect to let this carry on in our countries? It halts progress and destroys the lives of many. As far as the Philippines are concerned, here are some potential ways to stop this corruption.

Punishing Vote Sellers

Corrupt voters are the root of everything when it comes to corruption. As such, it must be stopped and put to rest even before it gets a chance to begin i.e. during the election beginning. A prison sentence is a good way of going about it.

Better Integrity

Despite several good laws existing in the Philippines government, corruption still exists because of the lack of integrity among the officials who implement them. Improvement must be made in this regard.

Better Education 

The only way there can be better politicians is if there is a better education system in place for teaching young kids the requirements to being someone of that stature. 

Office Examination

Even the lowest ranking officers are prone to corruption. Although it is on a significantly smaller scale, it must be stopped for good if people want their country to make strides towards the greater good.

Official Assessment

Most of the politicians who are in power in the Philippines are filthy rich and live lavish lives. The source of their income should be inquired into and laid bare open for the public to see as well. 

Better Auditing

There exists a commission dedicated to examining and reporting the frauds which take place inside the government. However, the job is not being done efficiently. As such, a new and improved system is required as soon as possible.

Better Taxing Mechanisms

There are tonnes of rich businessmen and powerful people who are capable of evading the tax system in their respective countries. The Philippines are no exception and hence, the tax system employed must have strict rules and regulations.

Reducing Officials

This is more of a last resort rather than anything else. If all else fails, drastically reducing the number of government officials should be proportional to the amount of corruption gotten rid of.

Corporation Regulation

The commission responsible for keeping the corporations and their respective partnerships in check is the SEC. In order to prevent any corruption from increasing or spreading further, they should make stricter rules and regulations.

Bill Implementation

The latest freedom of information bill (FOI Bill)  is one of the best solutions for fighting corruption in the Philippines. However, its success depends completely on the way it is implemented. 


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