Loud Explosion over Argentina Lead People to be Scared - Giant Meteor Explode

It was a regular day around Pinamar, Argentina May 18, 2016 at 9:25 PM when suddenly people from Argentina heard a very loud sonic boom that caused establishment and houses to be shaken.

Argentina Giant Meteor Explode

Everybody lead to panic, fire-fighters and ambulance rushing to find what the big blast boom is. The local government coordinated to the astronomers and scientist to get some information about the big boom.

Scientist said that a meteor have entered into the earth atmosphere, 33,000 feet high from the ground. The meteor measured about 12 meters in diameter before split into three particles.

It was very terrifying when this meteor hit Argentina after knowing that this not the first time that the earth hit by this meteor. Finland, USA, Canada and Brazil had already experienced this terrifying event.

Now are you scared, it seems the biblical judgement might be happen.

Video of Argentina Meteor Explode: 


United State Announced to Philippine Navy to Donate New Frigate Warship

The president of United States Barack Obama announced to Philippine Navy to donate Frigate Warship. Obama said that USCGC Cutter Boutwel l (WHEC 719) will passed its ownership to the Republic of the Philippines on July 21, 2016. The will be name by the Philippine Navy as BRP Andres Bonifacio.

New Frigate Warship

BRP Andres Bonifacio is the sister of two warship frigate known as BRP Gregorio del Pilar and BRP Ramon Alcaraz. The said two ship has a former American names as USCGC Hamilton and USCGC Dallas.

USCGC Hamilton is 378 feet in length, draft of 15 ft. and beam of 43 feet. The ship can load up to 3,250 tons and composed of 2 diesel engine and 2 gas turbines which is capable to travel fast up to 29 knots.

Cool gadgets which will change your life forever

Latest innovations 

There has been a whole lot of change in communication, transport, health care, artificial intelligence, security systems and much more. There are innovations going on continuously, which have benefited a lot in your day to day life. Here is some cool gadget which is yet to be sold in the stores, which will change all you way of thinking.

What are the cool gadgets of 2016? 
cool gadgets

Here are some shorted innovations which does not gain much popularity, and manufactured by some average company. They are very simple, but nobody has thought like this before.
  • Stick and find: 
If you are going to a tour, then you need this thing the most. It is very small, circular sticker, hard to detect, which you can stick on any surface. You will be able to detect the thing with your smartphone from a huge distance. 
  • Smart milk cartoon: 
This milk carton is really cool. When you keep milk in it, you will be able to know whether it is fresh or expired by looking at the color. It will change its color gradually, with time when the milk starts to expire.
  • Chameleon band-aid: 
Just imagine the situation when you a party to attend and you have a cut on your nice face. The chameleon band aid is one of its kinds. It will change its color within few mismatching with your skin tone. Nobody will be able to detect any deformation in your face. 
  • Digestible sensors: 
The name sounds a bit weird. It just looks like a regular pill which has a sensor inside it. You will have to consume it. It will check for any abnormality in your system. It will send its readings in your smartphone app, which you can review or take it to some doctor. It will reduce the cost of a regular check up to a huge amount.

All these simple but helpful technological innovations is a blessing to mankind. Some other innovations like LED walls, LED ceiling will find huge application in near future. The smart security system is also very helpful to avoid disasters. 

What is the top technological innovation in the medical field?

Technology innovation in health care

Technology has affected human lives a lot. Parameters like time, distance does not bother much for a person. There are zillions of technological stuff which are making your life better. Health care has also experienced a series of medical innovations in the last century. Modernization of the hospitals, operation theaters, application of new technology, even improvement in the way of preparation of medicine has made some impossible things possible. There are research centers, who are continuously giving new solutions of incurable diseases. Here are some of the ground breaking innovations in the field of medicine which will blow your mind.

Top emerging medical technologies:
Needle-free diabetes care
If anyone has diabetes, they will have to take the self-care, by checking the level of blood sugar every day. The general diabetes kit consists of drawing blood every day. Now you don’t have to poke yourself daily. A new electronics agency has come up with the concept of messing the level of blood sugar without drawing your blood. You will have an electronic toothbrush-like device, which will remove just a layer of your skin cell so that the biosensor can sense. There will be a wireless remote monitor who will set the alarm when the levels go out of normal range.
medical technologies

·         Robotic check up
The number of doctors and assistants are much less than what is required. In very short time you will find the provision for arobotic check-up. They are specially programmed for this purpose. Moreover, the cost of health check-up will also go down through this process.

·         3-D biological printers
You will find that 3D printers have really gained fame. The bio local 3D printers can print embryonic stem cells, skin, blood vessels, tissue and much more which can be used in patients or to form new organs. It is the best way to study and terminate cancer cells.


There are still more innovations going on in the field of health care. Concepts like hybrid operation rooms, digestible sensors, google glass can transform the way of health care.

Valuable Information on Accumulated and Depreciation Expense

For any business to succeed its most important key is cash flow, and it is very imperative that cash flow is managed  as well as planned properly. It is very imperative in any business before knowing the difference between depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation to know the actual implication of the two types of depreciation. The amount of reduction that is stated in the income statement is referred to as the depreciation expense. In simple words, it is the sum total that pertains exactly to the period of time assigned to the title of the income statement. These two balances include inference for financial reporting in addition to the taxes.
depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation

What is Accumulated Depreciation?

Accumulated depreciation, on the other hand, is the overall amount of reduction that has been in use by a company's possessions till the date the balance sheet has been prepared. Accumulated depreciation is also the designation of the opposing benefit financial credit that is accounted in the property as well as equipment sector of the balance sheet.

The most fundamental distinction amid depreciation expense and the accumulated depreciation is that one comes into view as expenditure on the income statement, and the other is a competing asset which is described on the balance sheet. Both these depreciation relate to the taxing out of the machinery, equipment or a further asset and it facilitates to affirm an accurate price of the asset. It is very obligatory that when you prepare the tax returns or financial statements to seek advice from with a qualified public accountant.

Fundamental Variation between Depreciation and Accumulated Depreciation

Accumulated depreciation is very imperative for tax purposes and for calculating the assessable gain on a transaction. A business investment in an asset is cut down depending on how much reduction it takes whilst it is owned.  The distinction among the accustomed basis and the profits received decide the loss or gain. It is only in certain circumstances that the amount of earnings that associate to the decrease taken at some stage in the asset’s life may be summoned up or taxed at the advanced normal tax rate in evaluation to the average capital rate.

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