Thursday, December 22, 2011

Segment Disclosures | MYACCOUNTINGINFO.NET

Investor and analyst demand for info about firms’ industry and geographicsegment operations and financial results is considerable and growing. By way of example, financial analysts within the United States consistently request monetary statement information disaggregated in much higher detail than it is actually now. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) include highly detailed segment reporting specifications, as do disclosure reveals probably the most current 3 years’ income, operating revenue, depreciation and amortization, capital expenditures, capital employed, segment assets, and segment liabilities for Lafarge’s three main item lines.

Segment DisclosuresThe geographic area disclosure shows three years’ income, capital expenditure, and assets by regions with the globe and selected countries. Lafarge also discusses its product and geographic markets in significant detail elsewhere within the annual report. accounting standards in several countries. Segment disclosures aid economic statement users far better comprehend how the parts of a company make up the entire. Soon after all, product lines and areas of the globe differ in terms of dangers, returns, and opportunities. A disaggregation by lines of organization and geographic region really should make for a lot more informed judgments about the overall provider.


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