Thursday, February 25, 2016

Manny Pacquiao’s commends on same sex marriage spark sharp criticisms

Manny Pacquiao, the world renowned boxer and a member of the House of Representatives in Philippines publicly denounced same-sex marriage during an interview on a local TV network. Through his online remarks about LGBTs, the 37-year boxing legend who is also contesting for the post of a Senator in Philippines triggered a war of words all over the world. The TV5 network of Philippines asked Pacquiao and other senatorial candidates their opinion about same-sex marriage and posted their views online.

What was Pacquiao’s answer?

Mountain View 
Manny Pacquiao didn’t mince his words to say that human beings who enter into same-sex relationships are “worse than animals”. 

Pacquiao justified his statement by saying that there are no male-to-male or female-to-female sexual relations among animals. He further argued that when the animals are able to recognize the difference between the two genders, people who are unable to recognize the same are worse than the animals. 

The path shown by the Holy Bible

Pacquiao who is an ardent follower of Christianity later made it clear through his posting on Instagram that he said just what the Bible taught him and it was certainly not his intention to condemn anybody. As a true Christian he wants to obey the Lord’s command instead of getting carried away by sexual desires. In his Instagram post Pacquiao has quoted a phrase from the Bible according to which all wrongdoers including idolaters, adulterers, sexually immoral and those who have sex with same gender will not be able to inherit the Kingdom of God. The boxing legend asked his countrymen not to get deceived by falling into same-sex relationship. 

Severe criticisms

Pacquiao’s comparison of humans and animals to denounce homosexuality has lead to strong reactions from other Filipino celebrities. Vice Ganda, the TV host and well known gay comedian said that LGBTs are not animals and that they are humans. In his post Vice Ganda recollects the view of Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church about gays. Pope Francis never condemned the gays. In his tweet, Ganda quoted Pope Francis, “If a person is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Danton Remoto of Ladlad, an LGBT group lamented that Pacquiao failed to understand deeply the issues before the LGBT community. In a telephone interview, Remoto said that since Pacquiao is contesting for the position of Senator, he should represent not only straight people and boxers but one and all. 

A purely religious view

The uncut video on social media that showed Pacquiao’s interview on same-sex marriage has gone viral and he is being targeted for sharp criticisms from different parts of the world. A debate is going on among internet-users whether Pacquiao’s views on same-sex marriage were taken out of context. While apologizing for his comparison of humans and animals, Pacquiao was firm about his comments and made it clear that his views are based on what he learnt from the Bible. Pacquiao said he only expressed the beliefs of a Christian. Christianity is against same-sex marriage and as a Christian he believes that woman and man were made for each other. So, if we allow same-sex marriage, we will be worse than animals.

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