Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Getting NBI Clearance via Online Application

Our government is looking for a better easy and faster way in getting NBI clearance. It also lessens the burden of the applicant in getting their NBI clearance. This online application minimized the red tape and control un-ethical work of a fixer. So here we go. Below is the step by step tutorial in getting your NBI clearance online.

1. First visit the official website of National Bureau of Investigation. NBI Online Application or (

2. If you don’t have account yet, you must create one. To do this process you must simply click the sign-up button at the upper right side of the website.
nbi online application

3. A pop-up will be open asking whether its a new application or renewal. After selecting which one you need, the form will be opened. Filled up all necessary information which the website needed. Be careful with the information you put. All information must be correct since it will be used by NBI for your online application.
nbi new application

filling form nbi application

4. When done filling, tip the check box. “I accept term of services” click on “Agree”.

5. After hitting “Agree” the site will be sending you a notification that you have successfully registered in their portal.

6. Activate your NBI account by opening your personal email.

7. Again, Signing-in with you NBI clearance account.

8. Update other information that pertains with your personal information.

9. Now you are ready for getting or applying your NBI clearance. Just click the “Apply for Clearance”.
nbi clearance online application

10. Pop-up will open and ask what government you will be presented upon your appointment date.

Below are the valid ID you must have

· Valid passport 
· Driver’s License 
· Voter’s ID 
· PRC License 
· Postal ID 
· School ID 
· Authenticated Birth Certificate 
· Philhealth ID
· Alien Cert of Registration 
· Senior Citizen 
· Previous Copy of NBI Clearance

11. After confirming that you agree with the option. You are freely to select NBI branches, Time and date you preferred in getting your NBI clearance. The site also asks what the purpose of NBI is whether local or abroad. 

12. Payment of NBI Online Application

In paying NBI clearance online there are four (4) options you may choose.

  • Bank (over the counter)
  • Mobile payment (via G-Cash)
  • Banks Online
  • Bayad centers
Now you can select what payment method you want. Take note you should pay your NBI clearance before your appointment date.

13. Now you can print your NBI receipt after payment by just simply signing-in again with your registered email address to the NBI website portal.

14. Go to transaction menu at the left side of the website.

online nbi receipt sample

15. Click for the details and print your application form.

nbi receipt sample

16. Your NBI clearance will be ready for pick up on the date of your appointment date. Please note that you must bring 2valid ID and the printed application form.

17. Next step, ask the NBI personnel, tell them that you are online applicant. The personnel will guide you to the biometric and photo taking in charge.

18. Lastly the releasing of your NBI clearance. 

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