Thursday, September 22, 2016

Step in Setting Online Passport Appointments in the Philippines

  1. Set your appointment on the official website of DFA Online Passport Appointment or
  2. passport application

  3.  Click on the schedule an appointment button at upper left of the site (see image below)
    schedules an appointment

  4.  Check the box on the terms and conditions and hit start individual appointment.
    individual appointment of passport

  5. Filled out the necessary information where you will set an appointment
    appointment loacation
  6. Choose your preferred schedule appointment (Date and Time)
    appointment date
  7.  Filled out your personal information (Red asterisks(*) are strictly required).
    personal information appointment
  8. Complete your family information.
    family information appointment
  9. Select what type of application you want. (New application or Renewal)
    appointment type of application
  10. Filled out the contact information which include your (complete address, office address and contact number)
    contact information appointment
  11.  Review all information that you input on the online data appointment system. Now if you already check all information you can proceed and submit the form. But make sure you check the CAPTCHA text box and confirmation agreement. Next hit the confirm button.
    submit for appointment
  12. After it, visit your email for the confirmatory message of the passport online application system. The system will send you a link where in you will print it. This document is necessary upon your appearance on the date of your appointment. Use long bond paper on the said document.

  13. *Reminders:  You must confirm this within 24 hours to make it valid*

  14. On the day of your application appointment schedule, go to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office. Ask the guard or any office staff where to claim your passport. Submit your online application form to the staff in the counter.

  15. Requirements for getting a Philippine passport

    Below are the necessary documents which you may have before your appointment date. Have a Xerox copy on it’s of the requirement below so you will not waste your time looking for a photo copy machine shop. Also bring the original in validating the requirement

    • Confirmed appointment (Online Appointment receipt) 
    • NSO Birth Certificate 
    • Valid ID 
    • Personal appearance (For photo capturing, signature and data validation)

  16. Get your queuing number and wait for the number to be called by the personnel staff. Prepare your fee. Below are the DFA fees.

  17. Philippines Passport Fee?
    New application fee :
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)
    Renewal application fee:
    • Regular Processing  P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing  P1,200.00 - (7 working days)  
    Lost expired passport (Replacement fee):
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)
    Lost valid passport (Replacement Fee):
    • Regular Processing P950.00 - (15 working days)
    • Express Processing P1,200.00 - (7 working days)

    For lost of valid MRRP/MRP or lost of valid e-passport there is an additional fee of P200.00 and P350.00 respectively.

    Reminder: Appointments beyond from 5:00PM onwards will be classify as rush processing.

  18. Proceed to the photo image capturing section; Remove all you accessories such as contact lense, earrings, necklaces, etc.

  19. Lastly, claiming of your passport. The staff will tell you when to claim your passport. Claimant date also appeared on the receipt. Take care of the receipt since this will be your proof in getting your passport. If you are busy and cant able to go upon the date of releasing, you can also tell the officer to deliver your passport in your house or office. However, there is an additional fee.
This is the simple step in getting your passport via online appointment. Setting up appointment is necessary upon going to the DFA office. Without this online appointment, you will not be entertained. Please share this article if you think it helps. Share is caring so other may know.

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