Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What are the 7 wishes of Girls that they want their men to fulfill?

There are few wishes that a girl wants to be fulfilled by her boyfriend. They always wanted to get the attention from their men because they think that they will never get that thing. They also want that their men should not worry about the dinner. There are many girls who have secret fantasies in their mind.

Why they want attention?

Most of the girls are fantasies about waive that is why they want attention from their boyfriend. Apart from that, a girl wants to have some sexual ecstasy and secret desires to be fulfilled by their men. They prefer letting go as the decision.There are many men who had told that most of the girls want security.

When you are not worried about dinners that time your women loves you more.Every woman wants to be loved by her men in different place. They also want that their boyfriend loves them unconditionally because they do the same way. They love their men more than anything that is why they feel sorry in a relationship.

What are the seven wishes of women?

· A woman always wanted to feel full of love that is why she doesn’t like to be unloved.

· A woman can be inadequate when she feels disrespectful.

· Every woman feels insecure that is why they want security.

· Most of the women don’t want to be the burden on the family.

· They always want more than sex from her boyfriend or man.

· They also want less sex and more love.

· They want to be taken care from their boyfriend to avoid mental temptation.

When it comes to secret desires, most of the girls are not expressive, but they want that their men should fulfill it. They also want to enjoy the sexy Halloween costume every year. A girl may have lustful thoughts that are why she wants to have different position during sex. Apart from that, there are seven secret desires. 

Apart from that, a woman does not want to take the blame from the men when sex is bad. They don’t want to listen to other girls from their men. They have a secret wish to have sex with you wildly.

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